Overview table of rights held by the Alberto Giacometti estate

Rights management

La gestion des droits

The Foundation is the majority rights holder in Alberto Giacometti's estate, in particular for the artist’s author rights.

The Foundation grants permission for all exploitations of Alberto Giacometti's work or personal image for its share of rights (5/8). In particular, it manages all requests for reproduction of works of the artist on every medium.

In France and in some other foreign countries (notably in Germany), the Foundation manages its rights directly since the 1st of January 2012.

For other countries, the Foundation is represented by:

• VAGA in the USA : www.vagarights.com
• SODRAC in Canada : www.sodrac.ca
• VISCOPY in Australia : www.viscopy.org.au
• ACS in the UK : www.artistscollectingsociety.org
• SABAM in Belgium : www.sabam.be
• ProLitteris in Switzerland : www.prolitteris.ch
• VEGAP in Spain : www.vegap.es
• OSDEETE in Greace : www.osdeete.gr
• VBK in Austria : www.vbk.at
• HUNGART in Hungary : www.hungart.org
• BILLEDKUNST in Denmark : www.billedkunst.dk
• BUS in Sweden : www.bus.se
• KUVASTO in Finland : www.kuvastory.fi
• AKKA-LAA in Latvia : www.akka-laa.lv
• LATGA-A in Lithuania : www.latga.lt
• SACK in China, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Korea : www.sack.or.kr
• JASPAR in Japan : www.jaspar.jp
• AUTVIS in Brazil : www.autvis.org.br
• SAVA in Argentina : www.sava.org.ar
• ADAVIS in Cuba : 00 537 861 96 40
• ARTEGESTION in Ecuador : 593 2 254 78 13
• DALRO in South Africa : www.dalro.co.za


Alberto Giacometti's Heirs

In 1966: Alberto Giacometti died ab intestat on the 11th of January, 1966; leaving his widow Annette, his brothers Diego and Bruno and his nephew Silvio Berthoud (son of his sister Ottilia) as legal heirs.

Today: His material possessions were shared in 2004. This is the origin of the Foundation's collection.

Alberto Giacometti's rights, in particular his author's rights, are held in joint today by:
● the Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti, legatee of Annette, based in Paris, for 5/8th,
● the Alberto Giacometti Stiftung, donatee of bruno Giacometti, based in Zurich, for 1.5/8th,
● the Giacometti-Berthoud Family, living in Switzerland, for 1.5/8th.

Reserved for the heirs at law, to the exclusion of the legatees, the artist's resale right is shared between the Stiftung and the Berthoud family.

All rights holders mandated two experts, which compose the Comité Gicaometti. The Comité does all researches necessary to establish the authenticity of the art pieces which are presented to it or to declare them counterfeits.

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