Reproducing an artwork

Reproduction Guidelines

Usage guidelines when reproducing Giacometti’s work are as follows :

Compulsory Information

Each reproduction must be accompanied by a caption and mention of copyright, as provided by the collecting society in a form approved by the Foundation.

The caption includes the title, date, and technique for the work, as well as if applicable, or if possible, its location. In case of doubt or if clarification is required, the Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti is available to answer any questions.

Caption information must appear either near the reproduction or in a detailed table of illustrations.

Respect for the integrity of the work

• No cropping is permitted : works must be reproduced as a whole, including pedestals, bases and margins. Reproducing a detail is possible, provided that it be clearly specified in the caption that it is a detail, and that the work be reproduced as a whole in another part of the publication.
• No overprinting or bleeding off the page is permitted.
• No digital alteration (such as distortion, color manipulation or blurring) of the images is permitted.

Forbidden Uses

Uses of the image of Alberto Giacometti's Art to illustrate publications connected to loss of weight problems, anorexia or mental disorders, are not welcome and will routinely be rejected. So are three-dimensional reproductions.

Reproduction of counterfeit pieces and forgeries

The Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti alerts to the amount of counterfeits and forgeries of Alberto Giacometti's sculptures which circulate through the Art market, especially in Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and in all the Central and Eastern Europe.

Image Quality

• High resolution images may only be used as repro/print quality images for the written press (in newspapers, magazines) or to insert into a video/film.
• Only low resolution (max. 72 dpi) and small size (600 by 600 pixels max.) images may be displayed on the Internet.
• Only low resolution (max. 72 dpi) and small size (600 by 600 pixels max.) images may be used on digital media, and these must be made unreproducible by technical protection measures.

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