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The first reference publication on Giacometti in Brazil

The book Giacometti is the first reference monograph on the artist in South America. The volume, realised on the occasion of the itinerant retrospective of Alberto Giacometti (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires) was published by the Foundation in collaboration with Cultural Projects agency Base 7, and the Brazilian publisher Cosac Naify.

A dozen thematic essays, richly illustrated with several hundred images, approach the various aspects of Alberto Giacometti’s work. Conceived by Véronique Wiesinger, this monograph enables an understanding of the originality of a contemporary reflection on the representation, the relationship of the work with the space and the role of art and the artist.

The genesis of the works from his early youth under the influence of the artist’s father, the role of the studio in his creative process, the importance of objects in his work as a sculptor, the influence of women in his reflection on representation, the illustration of texts from great authors of his era, are aspects of an unique work that the book enables us to discover.

An original essay by Cecilia Braschi goes back through to the relationship of Giacometti with South America, reminding us, among other things, of the interest of the Argentinean collectors for his work right from the beginning of the Thirties and his participation in the São Paulo Biennale, in 1951 – with the sculpture Quatre femmes sur socle, purchased the same year by Rio’s Museum of Modern Art – then in 1965.

The monograph also comprises four of the most important texts of the artist on his work, as well as the interview he gave in 1962 to Antonio del Guercio.

Véronique Wiesinger
São Paulo: Cosac Naify, Base 7
Paris: Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti, 2012

ISBN 1-935263-22-7 | Portuguese
400 p. 280 ill.
21 x 27 cm
Hardcover 120 R$
Paperback 80 R$

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Château de Fontainebleau
Festival from 1st to 3rd June 2012
Bookfair for art books and magazines, History of Art Festival

Fontainebleau, 1st June 2012 – Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti will be taking part in this year's second edition of the Bookfair for art books and magazines organized within the History of Art Festival at the Château de Fontainebleau.

The Foundation will present all the publications it has supported since its creation in 2003: books and catalogues in French, English, German, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Arabic, that have broadened access to Alberto Giacometti’s work throughout the world.

Each publication of the Foundation is made in close collaboration with first-class publishers and illustrates the links between the work and the country concerned.

In 2012, two monographs of reference have been published: in Spain with Ediciones Poligrafa (Barcelona) in partnership with the Museo Picasso Malaga, and in Brazil with Cosac Naify (São Paulo).

Germany honoured:

The Foundation has presented as a French first the new book of the winners of the Annette Giacometti Prize 2012, the journalists Stefan Koldehoff and Tobias Timm: “Falsche Bilder – Echtes Geld”, published in May 2012 by Galiani (Berlin). The book, the result of a long investigation, retraces the ins and outs of a recent case of counterfeiting paintings that has tarnished the image of the museums and international art market.

Place du Général de Gaulle
77300 Fontainebleau, France

Giacometti rencontre les Pleurants

Musée Memling in Sint-Jan, Bruges, Belgium
Exhibition from 11th May until 19th August 2012
Alberto Giacometti / Giuseppe Penone / Hans-Peter Feldmann / Nicolas Gruppo / David Claerbout

Bruges, 11th May 2012 – The exhibition Les Pleurants: Tant d’amours et tant de larmes / The Mourners: So much love and so much crying at the Memling Museum in Bruges’ Sint-Jan, gathered the works by Alberto Giacometti and contemporary artists around the famous Mourners of the medieval tomb of the Duke of Burgundy, John the Fearless. The exceptional presence of the Mourners in Bruges is due to the renovation work going on at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Dijon.

In the heart of the chapel of the Sint-Janshospitaal in Bruges, five sculptures lent by the Fondation Giacometti Foundation in Paris are shown alongside the funeral procession of the 37 Mourners from Burgundy. Presented in a sober face-to-face – that the curator wished to leave open for each person to interpret – the Mourners and Giacometti’s statues engage in a subtle dialogue around the themes of mourning and death, but also the continual mutation of life.

Laurent Busine, director at the Grand-Hornu’s MAC, describes Giacometti’s slender statues as “lonely women” representing “Mankind in all its solitude, standing but infinitely fragile”. Although Giacometti does really demonstrate a sharp awareness of the impermanence of the human being, the sculptor has considerably moderated the importance of the theme of solitude in his work: “In my work, I never really thought about the theme of solitude and I never actually think about it,” he explained in 1962 in a conversation with Antonio del Guercio.

The Mourners like Giacometti’s sculptures, are remarkable through their monumental aspect, which contradicts their reduced dimensions. Indeed, for Giacometti, the monumental aspect of a figure is not a matter of size. As he pointed out to David Sylvester in 1964: “Large sculpture is only small sculpture blown up. The key sculptures of any of the ancient civilizations are almost all on a small scale.”

Mariastraat 38
8000 Bruges, Belgium


Paris, 27th April 2012 - For the second edition of the Annette Giacometti Prize for the rights of artworks and artists, awarded at the Paris UNESCO Headquarters, the jury selected German journalists Stefan KOLDEHOFF (Deutschlandfunk) and Tobias TIMM (Die Zeit) for their investigation into Germany's biggest-ever postwar art scandal.

The ceremony was held in the presence of Francesco BANDARIN, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture, on World Intellectual Property Day (April 26).

The Prize winners investigated art forger Wolfgang Beltracchi, who copied works by modern art masters (Léger, Derain, Ernst, Campendonk, Pechstein and others) and sold them in the international art market. By exposing the serious damages caused by the forger in a series of articles in German national newspapers, Koldehoff and Timm's investigation uncovered the financial systems that help make art counterfeiting a booming lucrative business, while highlighting the weaknesses of national legal systems, unsuited to the global artworld.

The book that Timm and Koldehoff co-wrote on the subject, Falsche Bilder - Echtes Geld Der Fälschungscoup of Jahrhunderts, will launch on May 15, 2012 (Editor : Galiani, Berlin).

The 10,000 euro ART©OPYRIGHT grant was awarded to Cranfield University and will help fund conferences on counterfeit art, held in museums and aimed at the general public.


Paris, 4th April 2012 - For the 2012 edition of the Annette Giacometti Prize, four projects were shortlisted by the jury. The winner will be announced at the official ceremony held at the UNESCO Palace of Paris on World Interllectual Property Day (April 26, 2012).

Launched in 2011, the Annette Giacometti Prize is designed to honor a recent initiative helping to raise awareness of the problem of artworks counterfeiting. It may involve any initiative from around the world having promoted the rights of artworks and artists in an innovative and appreciable way.

The winning project is chosen amongst a few initiatives, preselected by a jury composed of six experts and the winner of the previous year. For the 2012 edition, the jury has pre-selected four projects.


The jury has shortlisted the “Database of Critical Works” project, established by the union of German auctioneers (i.e BDK: Bundesverband Deutscher Kunstversteigerer) in collaboration with many auctioneers, artists, copyright holders and authors of catalogue raisonnés. The project, which fosters information sharing among auction houses and art dealers fighting against counterfeiting, was initiated by Markus Eisenbeis, vice president of BDK and owner of German auction house Van Ham.

Stefan Koldehoff (German national radio Deutschlandfunk) and Tobias Timm (Die Zeit newspaper) were shortlisted for their investigation into the Beltracchi-Jaegers fake paintings, and their coverage of the case through a series of articles in the German press. The two journalists also co-wrote a book about the case ("Falsche Bilder - Echtes Geld. Der Fälschungscoup of Jahrhunderts") due out in mid-May 2012 (Galiani Publishers, Berlin).

The jury shortlisted a Cranfield University project led by Professor Andrew Shortland, and inaugurated in 2011 with three years funding from Bonhams. The project is to employ increasingly sophisticated trace element analysis, able to identify small differences in very rare elements in an object. This will then be systematically recorded into a detailed and specific database. This, say both institutions, will be particularly useful in the now-popular field of Chinese art, where demand for objects such as fine antique porcelain is on the rise.

Thomas Seydoux, former chairman of the Impressionist and Modern Art Fepartment at Christie's France, was shortlisted for his conference Unbelievable but Fake - The Art of counterfeiting given in Paris in November 2011. The conference dealt with counterfeiting and its impact on the international art market.


Musée Rodin, Paris
Day Seminar on January 27, 2012 from 10am to 5.30pm
The artist in his studio. Aesthetic, sociological and museum issues


Morning: The image of the artist in his studio: what images, what media, what audience, what message?

The Studio Photographed
Stage or backstage for creation in the twentieth century
Pierre-Emmanuel PERRIER DE LA BÂTHIE, École du Louvre

Round Table
What role does the image of the studio play in today's art creation?
Hélène DELPRAT, ORLAN, Emmanuel SAULNIER, Diane ARQUÈS (Atelier Xavier VEILHAN), Guillaume RAMBOUILLET (Atelier Xavier VEILHAN), Didier VERMEIREN

Afternoon: The Studio in the Museum: what image of the studio for what audience?

Studio reconstructions, permanent or temporary, since the twentieth century.

Round Table
Can one help the public understand the artist and his work by making them visit the studio?
Frédéric CHAPPEY / Musée Paul Belmondo, Boulogne-Billancourt
Bruno GAUDICHON / Musée La Piscine, Roubaix
Brigitte LÉAL / MNAM - Centre Pompidou, Paris
Margit ROWELL / Commissaire indépendant
Marielle TABART / Conservateur honoraire, Centre Pompidou
Véronique WIESINGER / Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti

Free admission, limited seating available from 9.30am

21 bd des Invalides
75007 Paris, France

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