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The resources of the Foundation, rich in numerous documents, cover the artist’s entire life: notebooks and drafts of letters, texts on sheets, audiovisual recordings. It conserves correspondence that provides direct testimonies about the artist and his contemporaries. Since its creation, the Foundation strives to reconstitute the whole of the artist’s correspondence in order to transcribe it, by gathering copies of letters kept elsewhere, especially at the Alberto Giacometti-Stiftung and the Swiss Institute for Art Research in Zurich (documents from the artist’s brother and the family of his nephew). Alberto Giacometti, then his widow Annette, and finally the Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti, have continually received information from museums, galleries, and auction houses. Those confidential elements enable a detailed retracing of the history of the artist’s works. The documentation, in its non-confidential part, is accessible on appointment to researchers who have made a justified request to the


The Foundation possesses an important resource of photographs (more than 4,500) from the studio of Alberto Giacometti, and constantly enriched. Those photographs are the precious witnesses of the artist’s life, his works and studio. On them, the artist is seen sculpting, painting, drawing, with or without a model at his side, in Paris and in Switzerland.

Countless photographs depict the studio at rue Hippolyte-Maindron, in which Giacometti was installed in 1926. The studio particularly attracted the photographers who came to cover stories after the Second World War, Giacometti being already famous at the time. Thus in the collection of the Foundation can be found the names of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century: Brassaï, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Alexander Liberman, Man Ray, Arnold Newman, Gordon Parks…

Annette Giacometti also often photographed her husband in his studio; she also witnessed Yanaihara’s long sessions of posing for Giacometti. The Foundation also owns photographs of exhibitions in which the artist took part and which contributed to making his work known across the whole world: Pierre Matisse Gallery in New York, Galerie Maeght in Paris, Venice Biennale, Fondation Maeght, MoMa, Louisiana, Tate Gallery.

A few of the photographers present in the collection of the Foundation are: Rogi André, Emmy Andriesse, Brassaï, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Franco Cianetti, Jean Collas, Denise Colomb, Robert Doisneau, Claude Gaspari, François Kollar, Alexander Liberman, Eli Lotar, Man Ray, Patricia Matisse, Arnold Newman, Jack Nisberg, Gordon Parks, Emile Savitry, Ernst Scheidegger, Giorgio Soavi, Marc Vaux, and Sabine Weiss.

The resource of photographs is accessible by appointment for researchers who have made a justified request at


The Foundation maintains a specialised library, formed partly from the personal library of Alberto Giacometti that it constantly enriches with new purchases. The library is not suitable for public access, and is exclusively reserved for staff.

Researchers are strongly advised to start by consulting materials held at public libraries, especially current books and catalogs on the artist. However, access is given at its discretion to researchers who have to send a justified request with the presentation of a research project to For more information, please consult the conditions for access to the library.

Another part of the resources from the personal library of Alberto Giacometti is conserved at the conditions d’accès à la bibliothèque in Zurich.

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