From 22 Jun To 18 Sep 2022

Alberto Giacometti. A tree as a woman, a stone as a head

Paris, France
At the Institut Giacometti

Landscape plays an important yet little-known role in the work of Alberto Giacometti, who throughout his life cared for his native region, the Swiss Alps.

This summer, the Institut Giacometti offers an original and surprising look at this theme, through a selection of previously unseen early watercolours, paintings, drawings and emblematic sculptures.

Inspired by Giacometti's own words, the title of the exhibition evokes the artist's sensitivity to the different expressions of nature and shows that, more than a simple motif, the landscape also shapes the main subject of his sculptures: the human figure.

Curator: Romain Perrin

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Until September 25, discover the exhibition "L'expérience du paysage" at the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson and get a reduced admission fee! Upon presentation of your ticket or exhibition booklet from the Institut Giacometti.


Alberto Giacometti. A tree as a woman, a stone as a head

Éditions Fage, Lyon, Fondation Giacometti, Paris 2022
160 pages
Language: French/English
Format: 23,6 x 17,1 x 1,8 cm
Price: 24 €
ISBN: 978 2 84975 713 0

06 Jan 2018

6. A woman like a tree, a head like a stone

It was in Switzerland, where Giacometti spent the Second World War, that he had the idea in 1944-45 for the sculpture which would be the prototype for his postwar standing figures: the Woman with Chariot, which depicts the image of his English friend Isabel from memory.

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06 Jan 2018

11. Landscapes

Giacometti creates a system of equivalences between the human figure and nature: the busts are mountains, the standing figures are trees, the heads are stones. In the sunlight, the mountain vibrates with a throb which resembles breathing. Like the tree, the human being is caught in a process of growth and death which can never be halted.

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06 Jan 2018

12. Monument

In December 1958, through his New York dealer Pierre Matisse, Giacometti was invited to submit a project for a monument to be installed in the square being built in front of the new Chase Manhattan Bank skyscraper in Manhattan. In February 1959, the architect of this urban complex, Gordon Bunshaft, sent him the dimensions for making a model of the square, designed to help Giacometti to imagine the space, because the artist had never set foot in the United States. 

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06 Jul 2022

École des Gobelins x Institut Giacometti

Screening of the films made by the students of the École des Gobelins on the exhibition "Alberto Giacometti. A tree as a woman, a stone as a head".

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