Lydie Salvayre reads "Marcher jusqu'au soir"

Fondation Giacometti -  Lydie Salvayre reads "Marcher jusqu'au soir"

See you on Thursday, September 10 at 6:30 pm at the Giacometti Institute.

Lydie Salvayre seized the invitation to spend a night at the Picasso Museum in front of Giacometti's Walking Man to question the artistic milieu and its institutions. Turning to her childhood as a poor, well-bred child and addressing without masking her connection to a dreaded and fearsome father, she tries to understand how her relationship to culture and its power to intimidate was formed, while praising Giacometti, his radicality, his claimed failures and his infinite modesty in his book Marcher jusqu'au soir
For this reading, the writer is seated at the heart of the exhibition, rediscovering Giacometti's Walking Man. The reading will be followed by a book signing.


Born in 1946 to an Andalusian father and a Catalan mother, who took refuge in France in February 1939, Lydie Salvayre spent her childhood in Auterive, near Toulouse.
After a Licence de Lettres Modernes at the University of Toulouse, she studied medicine at the Toulouse Faculty of Medicine, then did her internship in Psychiatry. She became a child psychiatrist, and was the Medical Director of the CMPP of Bagnolet for 15 years.
She is the author of about twenty books translated in many countries, some of which have been adapted for the stage. La Déclaration (1990) was awarded the Prix Hermès for first novel, La Compagnie des Spectres (1997) received the Prix Novembre (now Prix Décembre), BW (2009) the Prix François-Billetdoux and Pas pleurer (2014) was awarded the Prix Goncourt 2014.

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