Alberto Giacometti, Portrait d'I. Yanaihara, décembre 1956, huile,(détail), coll.Fondation Giacometti, Paris.
© Succession Giacometti (Fondation Giacometti, Paris et ADAGP, Paris)

Giacometti committee



The Giacometti Committee relies on an in-depth knowledge of two of the biggest collections of Alberto Giacometti’s oeuvre: that of the Alberto Giacometti-Stiftung in Zurich and that of the Fondation Giacometti in Paris, as well as their archives.

A documentation team, specialized in the various disciplines, provides the preparatory research for the Giacometti Committee meetings. That research is founded on the archives bequeathed by artist's widow, Annette Giacometti, and on a large documentary corpus gradually enriched over the years. The research work also relies on the confidential information received over the years from Alberto Giacometti, his widow, the Fondation Giacometti, the Alberto Giacometti-Stiftung and the consorts Berthoud, as well as from museums, galleries, auction houses, collectors, foundries, printing shops and restorers.

The Fondation Giacometti has created a department of scientific research equipped with the latest technologies: analyzer of alloy, endoscope, 3D scanner.

The Giacometti Committee also trusts the advise of restorers specialized in painting, sculptures, metals, plasters, works on paper and, when it is needed, it calls upon external scientific labs (x-rays, analyses, etc).

The work carried out by the Giacometti Committee contributes to the creation of the descriptive catalogue (catalogue raisonné) of Alberto Giacometti's oeuvre commissioned by the Fondation Giacometti.

Since its creation in 2004, the expertise of the Giacometti Committee and the methods of authentication of the Fondation Giacometti have been recognized throughout the entire world. To this day, the Giacometti Committee has examined more than 1000 pieces presented by collectors, dealers, auction houses and museums.

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