Roger Montandon, Alberto Giacometti peignant la rue Hippolyte-Maindron depuis la porte à l'entrée de la cour de l'atelier, été 1952, coll.Fondation Giacometti, Paris.
© Succession Giacometti (Fondation Giacometti, Paris et ADAGP, Paris)
© Roger Montandon




Fondation Giacometti -  Education

Alberto Giacometti standing in the courtyard of his workshop, holding the plaster cast of La Grande Femme IV, photograph by Annette Giacometti © Succession Giacometti (Fondation Giacometti + ADGP) Paris

Guided tours, workshops and educational materials are available to all audiences

The Institute Giacometti aims to develop educational programs for the general public, young audiences and disabled visitors. Since 2015, the foundation has initiated a pilot project in art history for secondary school students as part of a partnership with the Collège Giacometti of Paris.
The Institute has also developed its teaching expertise on an international scale as part of its exhibition projects. 

A pedagogical space will soon host families, school groups and other specific groups to carry out artistic workshops. 

30 Nov -1


Visits and workshops from kindergarten to high school

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From 23 To 24 Apr 2019


Workshop avec l'artiste GHAZEL

Pendant 2 jours, viens expérimenter le dessin et la performance avec l'artiste Ghazel !

Atelier pour les 14-17 ans
Du 23 au 24 avril 2019  

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