Jack Nisberg, Atelier d'Alberto Giacometti, vers mai 1965, coll.Fondation Giacometti, Paris.
© Succession Giacometti (Fondation Giacometti, Paris et ADAGP, Paris)
© Jack Nisberg

École des modernités



Fondation Giacometti -  Grants

The Fondation Giacometti supports significant contributions in the field of the history of modern art

The Fondation Giacometti in Paris offers a programme of research into the history of modern art: the École des Modernités (School of Modernities). The aim of this programme is to support original projects for the study of the art of the modern period (1905-1960).

Within the framework of this programme, the Fondation Giacometti gives its support to unpublished research into the modern period by providing access to its research centre, funding for a study grant and support for publishing in the form of a literature collection. The cosmopolitan modern movement in Paris is one of the focal points of this programme.

To receive information about research at the Fondation Giacometti and the École des Modernités (School of Modernities) : recherche (at) fondation-giacometti.fr or http://fondation-giacometti.fr

The Fondation Giacometti Research Grant is awarded to support significant contributions to the history of modern art. It is aimed at young researchers whose work focuses on the art of the modern period (1905-1960), and which offers original perspectives, either because of the subject chosen or the angle adopted.

The award recipient of the Fondation Giacometti Research Grant will receive a grant of 10,000 euros, and will be invited to contribute to the research activities of the Institut Giacometti in Paris, within the École des Modernité (School of Modernities) program (lectures, seminars, workshops,…).
The Fondation Giacometti offers ready access to the Institut Giacometti's archives and library, together with mentoring for the successful candidate’s research.

The winners of the call for papers see their study published in the form of a book of about eighty pages, in the "Collection School of Modernity".

The collection of essays "School of Modernity" is aimed at young researchers whose research focuses on the art of the modern period and offers original perspectives.

To search for a work, consult the Alberto Giacometti Database