Groups and schools

Groups and schools

Fondation Giacometti -  Groups and schools

The Institut Giacometti offers guided tours and workshops for associations, professionals and school groups.
It is also possible to book a time slot for a self-guided tour.
Group visits can be scheduled during the opening hours of the Institut Giacometti, from Tuesday to Sunday between 10 am and 6 pm.
Outside of these hours, it will be a privatization, with specific pricing.
They include a tour of Giacometti's studio and the temporary exhibition, lasting approximately one hour.

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Book a group visit:

Send an e-mail to indicating:
- The type of visit desired (guided or self-guided)
- Different requests for dates and times
- The estimated number of people in the group
- The complete billing address

Groups are limited to 15 people. A maximum of 2 groups can be welcomed simultaneously.
For a self-guided tour, if there are less than 7 people, you can book individual entrance tickets at our ticket office.

Instructions for group visits (including schools)
Our private events and space rental offer


For school groups:

From pre-school to university, all school groups are welcome at the Institut Giacometti.

- Guided or self-guided tours to discover Alberto Giacometti's studio, permanently reinstalled at the Institute, and the temporary exhibitions, renewed 3 times a year, which approach Giacometti's work from a new angle: his relationship with writers and artists, the influence of ancient Egypt, the surrealist period, the themes of the body, walking, landscape...

- Creative workshops to immerse oneself in the materials and creative processes, inspired by Giacometti and/or other artists presented at the Institute. Clay or plaster modelling, painting, drawing, volume creation, pop-up, decorative arts, writing, photography, video... 

- Annual partnership projects developed jointly and to measure. They combine guided tours, workshops, meetings with professionals or artists, with a view to the final presentation of artistic productions by the pupils.


Documentary resources

Workshop offer for schools

Fondation Giacometti -  Workshop offer for schools

A workshop lasts about 1 hour and is limited to 15 participants.
Therefore, the class will be divided into 2 groups, alternating between a guided tour and a workshop.

The programme of workshops for schools is permanent. Other thematic workshops can be offered in connection with temporary exhibitions; please consult us.


Workshops for pre-school and elementary school classes

- Matchbox figures (modelling in clay)
Alberto Giacometti lived for several years in a small hotel room in Switzerland, where he created tiny busts and figures. When he returned to Paris, Giacometti took his sculptures with him in matchboxes. Or so the legend goes...

- Sculpting a figure in the manner of Alberto (modelling in clay on a wire frame)
Explore the technique of clay modelling by creating a moving figure. The first step will be to observe and sketch Giacometti's sculptures, then to form a figure in wire on which to model the clay.

- Art materials (drawing, painting, modelling)
Discover the materials used by Giacometti and follow his creative process in clay, plaster, bronze, oil paint... Create samples of each technique and test the effects of materials, Giacometti's chromatic range...


Workshops for secondary school classes

- Talkative works (written expression, staging, photography...)
Write a dialogue between two works or between the work and the artist, and transpose it into short videos or photo-montages ("stories" on Instagram, TikTok...) or sound creations.

- Mental landscape (drawing, photo collage, writing...)
Discover life in Giacometti's studio. Create your own ideal studio, with your sources of inspiration, your achievements, your working tools, elements of comfort... or discomfort.


Workshops for art school preparatory classes

- Near and far influences (drawing, modelling)
Choose a source of influence (avant-gardes, non-Western art...) in Giacometti's studio or in the exhibition. Draw or model a human figure or an object under this influence (Cycladic figures, African totems, Egyptian or Etruscan statuary, etc.).

- Drawing in space
Drawing the works exhibited in the Giacometti Institute by working on the effects of perspective and scenography, as well as the architecture and decor of the Hôtel Follot.

To search for a work, consult the Alberto Giacometti Database