École des Gobelins x Institut Giacometti

Fondation Giacometti -  École des Gobelins x Institut Giacometti

Image: © Valentin Thiebauld, Antoine Legros

Screening of the films made by the students of the École des Gobelins on the exhibition "Alberto Giacometti. A tree as a woman, a stone as a head".

For the second time in a row, students from the École des Gobelins were asked to work on the world of Giacometti: 24 participants from the Bachelor Graphic Motion Designer course designed and produced short films, offering a free animation of the works in the exhibition and taking a personal look at the artist.

Coordination: Laure Chapalain (Gobelins) and Romain Perrin (Fondation Giacometti).

The short films can be seen on Wednesday 6 July at 18:30 at the Giacometti Lab.

Watch the videos

To search for a work, consult the Alberto Giacometti Database