From 23 Jun To 15 Oct 2017

Alberto Giacometti - The Late Work Galerie Lympia

Nice, France
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The Département des Alpes-Maritimes to Alberto Giacometti to be shown the brand-new Galerie Lympia, this exhibition does not aim to offer a summary of his oeuvre, but instead a singular gaze at a little-known part, the late period, that of maturity, from 1960 until the artist’s death in 1965

Conceived around his last models, his wife Annette, brother Diego, friend Caroline and the photographer Eli Lotar, with whom he was close, the exhibition design proposes to throw a spotlight on Alberto Giacometti’s work from a unique perspective, in the privacy of his studio in the Rue Hippolyte-Maindron, in the Paris neighbourhood of Montparnasse, or in his room in the Hôtel de Rive in Geneva, thereby creative space.Through his oeuvre, Giacometti pushes us to our limits, sharpening and spurring on the way we think about humanity; he prods our fear of emptiness. Through the enigma of the artist’s gaze, which deliberately puts a distance between itself and its subject, he makes us experience at , he shows us this interstice between life and death, presence and absence, fullness and emptiness, being and nothingness. Placing himself on the razor’s edge, in a feverish urgency oeuvre, he incites us to think more clearly, to see the world differently, in the moment and in destitution. He makes us undergo a metaphysical experience, that of the modern man, alone, naked, fragile. Jean-Paul Sartre, who knew Giacometti well, said it better than anyone: “Before him, people thought they were sculpting being, and this absolute collapsed into to sculpt situated appearance, and it became apparent that by way of this one obtained the absolute.”



Giacometti - L’œuvre ultime

Christian Alandete, Casimiro Di Crescenzo

Snoeck, Paris, Fondation Giacometti, Paris, Département des Alpes-Maritimes, Nice, 2017

64 p.
24,5 x 27,5 cm
28 €

French : ISBN 978-94-6161-362-2 (Hardcover)
English : ISBN 978-94-6161-406-3 
Italian : ISBN 978-94-6161-407-0

Giacometti - L'Œuvre ultime (Guide)

Christian Alandete

Snoeck, Paris, Fondation Giacometti, Paris, Département des Alpes-Maritimes, Nice, 2017


160 p.
17 x 24 cm
10 €

ISBN 978-94-6161-408-7 (Hardcover)


Exposition « Giacometti – L’œuvre ultime »

« Giacometti – L’œuvre ultime », l’exposition événement de l’été !

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