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Spoon Woman, 1927 (version of 1953)
Plaster, 146,5 x 51,6 x 21,5 cm


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The restoration

of the Femmes de Venise


Alberto Giacometti - Musée national des beaux-arts de Québec
Du 8 février au 13 mai 2018

Many masterpieces by Alberto Giacometti have been gathered to form this exceptional exhibition, the first organized on the American continent in more than 15 years. Throughout his career, the retrospective exhibition produced by the Giacometti Foundation offers a unique opportunity to discover the whole diversity of his work.

Giacometti - From the models - Hangaram Art Museum - Seoul Art Center
From 21 December 2017 to 15 April 2018

The Giacometti Foundation presents the very first exhibition dedicated to the work of Alberto Giacometti in Korea. Focusing on Giacometti's very first period and the late works, mainly through his special relationship with living models, the exhibition brings together nearly a hundred major works including those made in his father's studio in Stampa (Switzerland) to the very last works he was working on before his death.

Giacometti - the Last Works at the Galerie Lympia in Nice
From 23 June to 15 October 2017

In collaboration with the cultural services of the department of Alpes-Maritimes, the Fondation Giacometti presents the first exhibition dedicated to the artworks of Alberto Giacometti in Nice. Bringing together fifty major artworks from the artist’s final years (1960-1965), this unprecedented exhibition allows us to measure the importance of this decisive and relatively unknown period. Entering a new phase of research on the human figure, the artist introduces new models, Caroline and Eli Lotar, who rejoin the historical models, Annette and Diego.

Giacometti at Tate Modern in London
From 10 May to 10 September 2017

This summer, the Foundation and the Tate modern presents the first UK’s first major retrospective for 20 years. The exhibition gathers more than 250 works, mostly from the Foundation’s collection completed by exceptional loans, and to which are added books, drawings and archives documents that help retracing the artist’s evolution, from his arrival in Paris to the last portraits.
The retrospective reposition Giacometti as a painter as much as a sculptor and will also explore some less-known aspect of his work, such as his creations of decorative arts.
The exhibition also reunites some works specially restored for the occasion that have not been seen for 60 years: the Leoni Woman, and the Women of Venice.

Picasso-Giacometti at Fire Station in Doha
From 22 February to 21 May 2017

With a record attendance in Paris, the Picasso-Giacometti exhibition travels to Doha, bringing together for the first time in the Middle-East the two artists. It is also the first modern art exhibition at the Fire Station, a new place dedicated to modern and contemporary artistic practices. In result of extensive research work, the show highlights the relation between two of the greatest artists of the XXth century in 6 chronological and thematical sections, gathering more than 120 works. The exhibition is accompanied by a program of lectures and educational activities elaborated by the Foundation. 

Picasso-Giacometti at Musée Picasso
From 4 October to 5 February 2017

An important work of research, brought together from the collection of archives of the Musée Picasso and the Fondation Giacometti, exposes never-seen-before documents about the unknown relationship between the two artists who never ceased to discuss their creations.
The exhibition is organized in eight sections, both chronological and thematical : from earlier works to mature pieces, it shows the connections between their artworks of all medium, the influence of non-Western arts or of the surrealist movement to the return of post war realism.
Curated by Catherine Grenier, Serena Bucalo-Mussely et Virginie Perdrisot

Alberto Giacometti. Retrospective at Musée Mohammed VI
From 20 April to 4 September 2016

46 sculptures, 19 paintings, 30 drawings along with rich photographic documentation help capture the many aspects of Giacometti’s work. The exhibition will unfold chronologically and thematically in three sections: pre-surrealist and surrealist works, return to life study and issues related to human representation, and the question of the positioning of the figure in space. A unique thematic section will highlight the major influence of Giacometti’s encounter with the arts of Africa, which marks the beginning of his mature work.
Curated by Catherine Grenier et Serena Bucalo-Mussely

Giacometti at Yuz Museum
From 22 March to 31 July 2016

This retrospective - the largest ever made on Giacometti - presents 250 artworks in 12 sections covering the entire career of the artist, in a spectacular scenography designed for the 3000 m2 space of the Yuz Museum. Particular tributes are paid to his friend, photographer Ernst Scheidegger, and to Giacometti’s collaboration with Samuel Beckett for Waiting for Godot, featuring Gerard Byrne's reconstitution of the prop tree Giacometti created then. As part of this interest in Giacometti's artistic legacy, 50 chinese artists were invited to comment on Giacometti's influence on their own practice, in #50waysofGiacometti
Curated by Catherine Grenier and Christian Alandete

Alberto Giacometti at Pera Müzesi, Istanbul
From 11 February 2015 to 26 April 2015

The foundation presents the first exhibition in Turkey dedicated to Alberto Giacometti. From the youth period under the influence of his father, the renown post-impressionist painter Giovanni Giacometti, to the very last works remaining at Alberto Giacometti's Studio after his death, the exhibition offers a chronological and thematic itinerary covering the two definitive periods of Alberto Giacometti’s life –before and after the Second World War.

Alberto Giacometti. El hombre que mira
Fundación Canal, Madrid
From 31 January to 3 May 2015

Dedicated to Giacometti's obsession for the human figure, this exhibition encompasses some ninety-three works on paper from the Foundation's rich Graphic Cabinet and a selection of sculptures, spanning the period from the 1925s to the mid 1960s. As a thematic exhibition rather that a classic retrospective, it focuses more specifically on Giacometti's researches on the human head and the gaze as the essence of life, offering a renewed approach to the master’s work.

At a step away from time. Giacometti and the archaic.
Museo d'Arte Provincia di Nuoro, Italy
From 24 October 2014 to 25 January 2015

The exhibition presents some seventy works that will reveal to the public the fascination that the statues of ancient times held in the eyes of Alberto Giacometti famous for his walking figures and his motionless and silent women, like idols of the past.

Alberto Giacometti. Modernist Pioneer
Leopold Museum, Vienna
From 17 October 2014 to 26 January 2015

The Foundation lends one of its major work, Tall Woman I for the exhibition « Alberto Giacometti, Modernist Pionneer » curated by Franz Smola and Philippe Büttner (Collection Curator at Kunsthaus Zürich). Focusing on Giacometti as a modernist pioneer, the exhibition juxtaposes Giacometti artworks with works by masters of International Modernism, including Francis Bacon, Jackson Pollock and Cy Twombly.

Alberto Giacometti
Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Milano
From 8 October 2014 to 1 February 2015

The Foundation is presenting, in collaboration with 24 OreCultura at Galleria d'Arte Moderna Milano, the first exhibition of its collection in Italy curated by Catherine Grenier, chief curator and director of the Foundation. This exhibition relates the career of Alberto Giacometti from its early works in Switzerland to the late ones in Paris.

Mike Nelson selects from the V-A-C Collection
Whitechapel Gallery, London
From 9 september to 30 november 2014

The Whitechapel Gallery launches the first exhibition of works from the V-A-C Collection Moscow in UK with a selection of artworks including Giacometti's by renowned British artist Mike Nelson.
The show is open from 9 september to 30 november 2014.

El Greco & Modern Painting
Museo National del Prado, Madrid
From24 june to 5 october 2014

The Fondation lends two drawings by Giacometti after El Greco’s Woman in fur. From his youth to later works, Giacometti never stopped copying from books after Masters artists among them El Greco. .

Simple shapes
Centre Pompidou-Metz
From June 13 to 5 November 2014

The Fondation lends two artworks from its collection, including The Disagreeable Object for this exhibition. The curator, Jean de Loisy, brings to the fore our fascination with simple shapes, from prehistoric to contemporary. It also reveals how these shapes were decisive in the emergence of the Modern age.

Giacometti. La scultura
Gallery Borghese, Rome
From February 4 to 25 May 2014

Anna Coliva, Gallery Borghese director and Dr. Christian Klemm, specialist of Alberto Giacometti's œuvre, bring together forty sculptures created by the artist to dialogue with the Gallery's masterpieces. This exhibition offers a large panorama of the representation of the human figure, completing the rich collection of the gallery covering from Antiquity to the 19th Century. Fondation Giacometti lends a work from its collection [Bust of man (Lotar II)].

Surrealism and the Object
Centre Pompidou, Paris
From 30 October to 03 March 2014

An entire room of this landmark exhibition is dedicated to Alberto Giacometti's surrealist objects, starring the most famous one: The Suspended Ball, whose execution was entrusted to a cabinetmaker. Dalí and Breton upon seeing the work in 1931 understood it immediately as the prototype for "objects with a symbolic function" a concept that was at the core of the surrealistic approach. Important loans from the Fondation Giacometti, such as the Disagreeable Object.

TO CAPTURE IMAGE IN DURATION. Time within the representational space.
Palais de Tokyo
11, 12, 13 December 2013 at 7pm

The Fondation Giacometti is celebrating his 10th anniversary in partnership with Paris I-Sorbonne university research Art&Flux and Palais de Tokyo with a series of events at the core of Alberto Giacometti's practice: How to represent time as space? Two lectures by artist Emmanuel Saulnier (dec. 11) and philosopher Ioulia Podoroga (dec. 12) followed by a performance by Yann Toma (dec. 13) will be presented in Michael Riedel's installation Jacques Comité (Giacometti).

Giacometti’s writtings on stage
The Foundation supports the Mouffetard- Théâtre des arts de la marionnette as part of its programming of the puppet’s show « Hôtel de Rive » by Figuren Theater Tübingen / Bagages de sable / Theater stadelhofen to open their inaugural saison. This theatrical surrealistic poem is based on the texts the sculptor wrote during the World War 2 while staying at Hôtel de Rive in Geneva.

Annette Giacometti (1923-1993)
Annette Giacometti passed away twenty years ago. She had devoted her life to defend her husband's œuvre. The Fondation Giacometti, her sole legatee, pursues her efforts to protect, promote and inventory Alberto Giacometti’s authentic works.

L'Art en Guerre at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao until the 8th of September
For the second presentation of the exhibition "Art at war" shown until last february at Musée d'art moderne de la ville de Paris, the foundation renew the loan of an exceptional selection of small size sculpture, the artists created after he returned to Paris in september 1945. Among them, the portraits of the art patron Marie-Laure de Noailles, of the writer Simone de Beauvoir and of the French Resistance hero Colonel Rol-Tanguy.

Jacques comité [Giacometti]: A meeting space by Michael Riedel at Palais de Tokyo
The Foundation supports Michael Riedel’s installation at Palais de Tokyo on view from July 12th 2013. Based on scenographic elements scavenged from the dismantling of a recent Giacometti exhibition at the Hamburger Kunsthalle, Riedel's project designs a space where people can meet up and talk in true Giacometti spirit : Giacometti's taste for debate and conversation was famous.

Le Théorème de Nefertiti at Institut du Monde Arabe until sept. 8th, 2013.
The foundation lends several works to the exhibition curated by Sam Bardaouil and Tim Fellrath. This exhibition was first shown at Mathaf in Doha (Qatar).

The Detection of Fakes and Forgeries: Art meets Science, organised by the Cranfield University, supported by the Fondation Giacometti
The public seminar The Detection of Fakes and Forgeries: Art meets Science will be held Wednesday 26th June 2013 at the Wallace Collection (London). It is organised by the Cranfield University and supported by the Fondation Giacometti as part of the ART©OPYRIGHT grant.

Annette Giacometti Prize Ceremony
The 2013 Annette Giacometti Prize was awarded to Patricia Cohen, New York Times reporter, for her ongoing investigation on the Knoedler case and to Curtis Dowling, expert for the show Treasure Detectives on CNBC. The ART©OPYRIGHT went to the association Falzum Stop. The event was held at the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris in the presence of artists, politicians and art & culture personalities.

Annette Giacometti Prize Ceremony
The documentary La Cage (Histoire d'une restauration), produced by the Giacometti Foundation, will be screened in the auditorium of the Musée de Grenoble, Saturday May 18th at 9 pm 10 pm, 11pm and Sunday May 19th from 10am to 6:30 pm.

Call for projects for the ART©OPYRIGHT grant
Win €10.000 to fund a project contributing to alert the general public to the issue of counterfeit art. Project submissions to hand in before April 15, 2013.

Alberto Giacometti. Drawings at Galerie Claude Bernard
A tribute to Louis Clayeux, the exhibit brings together more than 60 works dating from 1917 to 1963, amongst which 6 drawings and 19 photographs lent by the Foundation. Until 16 February 2013.

Copies of the past now available in French
The Foundation presents the new critical edition of Le Copie dal Passato (1957), a project by Alberto Giacometti originally published at the initiative of the art critic Luigi Carluccio

Exceptional loan of 18 works to the Paris Modern Art Museum (MAMVP)
The Foundation lends 18 works from its collection for the exhibition Art at War, France 1938-1947 ("L'Art en guerre") at MAMVP until 17 February 2013.

Giacometti retrospective in Buenos Aires
The Foundation's major touring exhibition opened on October 13 at Fundación Proa

Giacometti featured in Humblebaek's Louisiana Museum Self-Portrait exhibition until 13 January 2013

A Disagreeable Object
Giacometti's surrealist sculpture Objet désagréable lends its name to a contemporary art show at New York's SculptureCenter until 26 November 2012

Memory and Presence
The Foundation lends over 60 works to North Carolina's Bechtler Museum for the exhibition Giacometti, Memory and Presence until 8 February 2012

Giacometti in South America
The Foundation organizes the first major retrospective ever dedicated to Giacometti in South America (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires)

Sculptures by painters
Exploring links between sculpting and painting through works spanning from Daumier to Giacometti, La sculpture des peintres is on show at the Annonciade Museum in Saint-Tropez until 8 October 2012

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