30 Apr 2020

Art and copyright policy

Live Lecture
By Emilie Bouchet - Le Mappian
Off site

In the context of World Copyright Day on April 23rd, the Giacometti Foundation is offering this introductory Lecture in French.

Archives of the Charvet Collection, Seal of Sanche Lopez d'Aguilar.

We often think of copyright as a recent but already obsolete right, as the product of twentieth century cultural practices, now obsolete. In reality, copyright is older than it seems, it has already experienced crises and is today only continuing its permanent mutation. This conference will introduce non-specialists to copyright, its history and its major principles, as practised on a daily basis at the Fondation Giacometti, heiress of the artist's widow.

By Emilie Bouchet - Le Mappian, Legal Affairs Manager at Fondation Giacometti 


Emilie BOUCHET - LE MAPPIAN : Les essentiels du droit d'auteur

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