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From Mar To Jul 2020


1st edition

The Institut Giacometti launches #GiacomettiChezVous. Following the measures announced by the government, the Giacometti Institute has temporarily closed its doors in the 14th arrondissement of Paris but invites its public to find it online. With the #GiacomettiChezVous program, the Foundation's team is mobilizing and offering new content to help you discover the work of Alberto Giacometti.
Take care of yourself, find Giacometti at home!

Alberto Giacometti's studio, Rue Hippolyte-Maindron.
Documentation Fondation Giacometti, Paris © Succession Alberto Giacometti

Programming #GiacommettiChezVous:

Giacometti in 60 minutes: our live lectures
The research team of the Fondation Giacometti offers a series of online lectures, in French, upon registration. Find all the events detailed below in our page.

#9. Thursday 9 July: "The Walking Man in the history of art" by Romain Perrin, Conservation Officer at the Fondation Giacometti
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#8. Friday 26 June: "The Giacometti-Genet friendship: the ascetic and the rogue" by Albert Dichy, literary director of IMEC and specialist in the work of Jean Genet
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#7. Thursday, June 18: "The strength of a head: Simone de Beauvoir in front of Giacometti" by Thomas Augais, lecturer in 20th century literature at the University of Paris Sorbonne
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#6. Friday, 15 May: "Alberto Giacometti and the public space: from monument to monumentality" by Michèle Kieffer, Conservation Officer at the Fondation Giacometti
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#5. Friday, April 24: "Alberto Giacometti. Hôtel de Rive, Geneva. 1942 - 1945" by Emilie Bouvard, Director of the Fondation Giacometti's collections
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#4. Friday, April 17: "Alberto Giacometti: a life to draw" by Mathilde Lecuyer-Maillé, conservation attachée
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#3. Friday, April 10: "Rodin on Giacometti" by Hugo Daniel, Head of the School of Modernity at the Institut Giacometti and associate curator of the exhibition "Rodin - Giacometti" at the Fundacion Mapfre (Madrid).
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. Friday, April 3: "Alberto Giacometti's mythical studio" by Thierry Pautot, Head of Archives and Research of the Fondation Giacometti
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#1. Friday, March 27: "Alberto Giacometti at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière" by Serena Bucalo-Mussely, conservatrice at the Fondation Giacometti
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The École des modernités connected

#5. Tuesday, June 23: Live conference on Amrita Sher-Gil
During this conference, the art historian Deepak Ananth will do us the honour of talking to us about one of the major figures of modern Indian art, Amrita Sher-Gil, whose ambition was to become India's first modern painter. Through her journey, modulating her work between her European heritage and that which she received on Indian soil, Deepak Ananth will look back on a decisive moment in the history of Indian art. Lecture in French.
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#4. Wednesday 10 June: Live conference on Léonard Foujita from Tokyo
Toshio Shimizu, Professor at the Gakushuin Women's College in Tokyo, will introduce us to one of the outstanding figures of the cosmopolitan Paris of the inter-war period, as much for his painting as for his personality. This conference will be an opportunity to discover a rich and complex figure of modernity, who illustrates some of the tensions of the period, conceiving his modernity in a dialogue between traditional European painting and the heritage of Japanese painting. Lecture in English.
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#3. Wednesday, May 6: Live conference on Irma Stern (South Africa)
We invite LaNitra Berger, art historian, professor at George Mason University, specialist in the work of Irma Stern and South African modernity. In a lecture on the South African artist Irma Stern, LaNitra Berger will question the place she occupied in trans-Atlantic modernism, weaving a link between Paris, German Expressionism and South African modernity. Lecture in English.
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#2. Monday, April 27: Emily Carr Live Conference from Canada
Johanne Lamoureux, art historian and professor of art history at the Université de Montréal, will talk about the work and unique journey of Emily Carr, a central figure of modernism in Canada. This lecture will provide an opportunity to look back at the role played by Carr in the construction of Canadian modernity, between her visit to Paris in 1911 and her consecration in Canadian modernity during the exhibition of her work at the National Gallery of Canada in 1927. Lecture in French.
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#1. Monday, April 20: Live Lecture on Pakistani Modern Art
Our art history research program is pleased to invite art historian Samina Iqbal for an upcoming online lecture. Her talk will relate the rise of modern art in Pakistan from 1947 to the 1960s through the work of Shakir Ali. After a stay in André Lhote's studio in Paris in 1949, Shakir Ali became the leader of the Lahore Art Circle - a collective active between 1952 and 1958. The lecture will discuss Shakir Ali's Parisian years and his artistic influence on modern art in Pakistan. Lecture in English.
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Find all the lectures of the École des modernités available on the Foundation's website. Take the time to relive them and find the talks given by Stéphanie Genand, Partha Mitter, Simon Njami, Jacob Thage, Alyce Mahon, Jean-Marie Schaeffer, Éric Michaud, Agustín Perez Rubio, Silvia Naef and Okwui Enwezor.
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Readings of Alberto Giacometti's correspondence with his parents
On the occasion of Mother's Day and Father's Day, Joana Preiss and Olivier Martinaud read extracts from Alberto's correspondence with his mother Annetta between 1927 and 1945 and from his correspondence with his father, the artist Giovanni Giacometti, between 1921 and 1930.
Sunday 7 June 2020 and Sunday 21 June 2020 on the Instagram and Facebook accounts of the Giacometti Foundation
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World Copyright Day
On the occasion of World Copyright Day on April 23rd, the Giacometti Foundation is offering an introductory lecture that will introduce non-specialists to copyright, its history and its main principles, as practiced daily at the Giacometti Foundation - heiress of the artist's widow. Lecture in French.
Thursday, April : "Art and Copyright" by Emilie Bouchet-Le Mappian, Head of Legal Affairs and Doctor of Laws 
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Play it like Giacometti on the networks!
The Institut Giacometti's educational workshops become challenges launched on our social networks.
Find all the events detailed below in our page.

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Rendez-vous on Instagram
Challenges, rebus and archives, find each day a new post to discover again the richness of Alberto Giacometti's work.  

"In Search of Lost Works": the exhibition continues!
Of the 130 works that Giacometti produced between 1920 and 1935 about forty have disappeared. Each day, discover the story of one of these unpublished works evoked in the Giacometti Institute's exhibition. This daily presentation will allow you to find out more and to continue the investigation carried out in our archives.

« Giacometti-moji » 
What Alberto Giacometti's work is behind these emojis? Find the answers to our rebus stories each week to learn more about the artist's work. 


From 07 To 21 Jun 2020

Correspondence from Alberto Giacometti and his parents

by Joana Preiss and Olivier Martinaud

On the occasion of Mother's Day and Father's Day, Joana Preiss and Olivier Martinaud read extracts from Alberto's correspondence with his mother Annetta between 1927 and 1945 and from his correspondence with his father, the artist Giovanni Giacometti, between 1921 and 1930.

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From 01 Jul To 31 Dec 2023

Play it like Giacometti!

Institut Giacometti Workshops at home

The mediation team has worked on tutorials for the summer holidays. On the menu: a sculpture in a matchbox, a small man made of paper and a Giacometti made of clothes!

Feel free to post your best creations on your social media and share them with us on Instagram by mentioning @fondation_giacometti.

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