08 Dec 2020

Alberto Giacometti and the Decorative Arts

Thierry Pautot
Paris, France

Pendant le confinement, l'équipe de recherche de la fondation Giacometti vous propose une série de conférences en ligne inédites. 

 During lockdown

Horst P. Horst, Giacometti vase II, 1989, Archives Fondation Gaicometti

"To earn my living, I made vases, lamps, decorative objects..."

                                                                                   Alberto Giacometti, 1952

Parallel to his work as sculptor, Alberto Giacometti conceives, from 1929-1930, numerous creations in the decorative arts dector. lampposts, lamps, vases.., there are mroe than a hundred "utilitarian objects" as he likes to call them, that Giacometti will create through the 30s. After the war, he will continue this activity more sporadically. Thierry Pautot, head of Research at the Fondation Giacometti, will talk about htis production, not as famous but definitely a staple amidst the rest of his body of work.

Conference in French broadcasted on Zoom.



Thierry PAUTOT - Alberto Giacometti et les arts décoratifs

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