From Nov 2020 To Jan 2021


2nd Edition

Following the government guidelines issued to counter the spread of Covid-19, the Giacometti Institute has closed its doors, similarly for the exhibitions dedicated to Alberto Giacometti at the Cité Miroir in Liège, Belgium, and at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm. However, the Giacometti Foundation is going online to offer new content for the second edition of #GiacomettiChezVous (Giacometti at home). 

To continue learning about the work and personality of Alberto Giacometti, we offer online conferences, creative workshops, live streams and brand new content on our social media pages. Stay informed by regularly consulting this page dedicated to the latest edition of #GiacomettiChezVous. If you missed the first edition, or wish to rewatch the previous conferences and content, it’s all available online!

1st Edition

For this new edition: each week, a new theme to highlight an aspect of Giacometti’s work and life! 

Explore the previous weeks below. 

#1. Photography and photographers
#2. GGiacometti's drawings
#3. Giacometti's surrealist period
#4. Giacometti's literary circle
#5. The decorative arts
#6. Giacometti's portraitures

Les prochains rendez-vous #GiacomettiChezVous
During the festivities and cautious family gatherings, the Giacometti Foundation offers an entertaining stream of content; to watch, listen, share and enjoy with your loved ones. 

Giacometti’s 1951 Dog and Cat at Home

What would you say if you could find Giacometti’s 1951 Dog and Cat in your living room? It’s now within reach thanks to augmented reality! Find us on our Instagram account to discover the filters and integrate the two iconic works of Giacometti in your next stories. If you have a pet, why not introduce them to these new friends? Don’t forget to tag us in. Smartphone link below

Discover the instagram filter 

Virtual visit

The Giacometti Institute opens its virtual doors to its latest exhibition « The Walking Man ». You’ll be able to discover the exhibition space from your living room, and learn more about Giacometti’s iconic motif by switching on the audioguides (available in French!) integrated to the visit. 


Giacometti word search

Who were Giacometti’s friends? Thanks to this word search created by Théodore Parizet, mediator at the Giacometti Institute, you’ll discover and search out the names of several personalities that have crossed the path of the sculptor throughout his career. A few unexpected ones might surprise you! 

Télécharger les mots-mêlés

Alberto Giacometti, once upon a time...

Make sure you’re sitting comfortably to delve into the life of Alberto Giacometti by listening to our podcasts in French, that recount a few striking and original highlights of the sculptor’s life. Coming up in the first episodes created by the institute’s mediator, Manon Delarue: A day in Montparnasse in December 1926, and his stay in Geneva during World War II.

Podcast 1 - Giacometti en Décembre 1926

Podcast 2 - Alberto Giacometti à l'hôtel De Rive et son séjour à Genève pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale

Wajdi Mouawad reads Jean-Paul Sartre

In 1948, Jean-Paul Sartre writes « The search for absolute », for the first monographic exhibition of Giacometti in New York that marks the sculptor’s comeback on the artistic scene, after over ten years of absence. In the middle of the « Walking Man » exhibition, at the Giacometti Institute, the writer, director, and actor Wajdi Mouawad, reads this beautiful philosophical and poetic text, in which Sartre applies his existentialist thought onto Giacometti’s work. A performance with the exceptional partnership of La Colline - Théâtre national.

From 27 Dec 2020 To 27 Jan 2021

Wajdi Mouawad lit Jean-Paul Sartre

À l'Institut Giacometti

Une performance exceptionnelle au cœur de l'exposition « L'Homme qui marche » en partenariat avec La Colline – théâtre national.

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17 Nov 2020

Photography and Photographers

Week #1. (Re)discover Giacoemtti's work through artist portraits, and photos of his studio, immortalised by photographer friends. 

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23 Nov 2020

Giacometti's drawings

Week #2. Follow Giacometti's stylistic evolutionthrough his drawings, and the different periods in his career that have impacted his draughtsmanship, to end on his ultimate and posthumous work, "Paris sans fin".

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30 Nov 2020


Week #3. This week, let's go through Giacometti's surrealist period from 1929 to 1934.

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07 Dec 2020

Giacometti's literary circle

Week #4. Have you met Giacometti's literary and poet friends? 

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14 Dec 2020

The decorative arts

Week #5. Let's highlight the decorative art pieces created by Giacometti and his fruitful collaboration with the decorator Jean-Michel Frank. A lesser-known but integral collection from his body of work.

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20 Dec 2020

Giacometti's portraiture

Week #6. Meet Giacometti’s key models, as you are invited into the privacy of their sitting sessions. 

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