From 21 Dec 2017 To 15 Apr 2018

Alberto Giacometti Hangaram Art Museum - Seoul Arts Center

Seoul, South Korea
Off site

Fondation Giacometti, Paris presents at Hangaram Art Museum/Seoul Art Center the first exhibition dedicated to Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966)  in Korea.

© Alberto Giacometti Estate / SACK, Séoul, 2017

Alberto Giacometti, is considered as one of the greatest sculptors and artists of the 20th century, and widely regarded as the embodiment of the spirit of modernism. Many of his sculptures have become immortal masterpieces in the art history.
As one of the spokesmen of the modern art of the 20th century, Giacometti has profound impact on the development of the Post-war modern art, and has been an artist acclaimed by the world’s community of artists, being widely recognized as "the artist of the artists".

This exhibition proposes to throw spotlights on the artist’s very first and final years through around hundred major works from the premises of his artistic career in his father studio in Stampa (Switzerland) to the late period (1960-1965) in Paris (France). It includes the very last pieces the artist worked on: Bust of Lotar as well as the unique plaster model of iconic sculpture Walking Man that will be shown for the very first time in Asia.

“Seated Lotar” contains the artist’s insight on life, which he perceived throughout his entire life, and it seems like the artist sculpted himself. It is as though an aspect of a truth-seeker who reached the nirvana before his death shows through the work. A life size sculpture, “Walking Man” is one of Giacometti’s most fascinating and symbolic bronze works, and it set the record price for an artwork sold at auction at the time. “Seated Lotar” and “Walking Man,” which show the meaning (sympathy) and heroic dignity of human being, are the best masterpieces of the 20th century that convey the great insight of the artist. The original plaster statue, which will be revealed for the first time in Asia, has three times the value of a bronze work’s auction price.

This exhibition will contribute to a deeper understanding and appreciation of Giacometti’s works by showing the great collection of Fondation Giacometti, including figure drawings, paintings, photographs, manuscripts, and other references, along with the sculptures.
The major works of Giacometti to be exhibited in this exhibition display a variety of explorations the artist sought after during his decisive period. Also, the reconstruction of the artist’s 23 square meters studio, in which he remained working from 1926 until his death, allows the viewers to peep into Giacometti’s world of works and his philosophy of life. Another distinct feature of this exhibition is that it highly emphasizes the golden age of the artist, namely his mature work.

The exhibition will stress on the late period. While Giacometti’s recognition was well established since the 1920s he found himself in an intense period of renewal in the 1960s. Along with his regular models – his wife Annette and his brother Diego – new faces will join and sit for him, extending his neverending research on the human faces.

Curators : Catherine Grenier & Christian Alandete


Alberto Giacometti

Christian Alandete, Jiyoon Lee, Seonghoon Lim, Alberto Giacometti

Seoul Art Center / Hangaram museum, Seoul and Fondation Giacometti, Paris


366 p.
30 x 23 cm

Alberto Giacometti Seoul

Christian Alandete

Seoul Art Center / Hangaram museum, Seoul and Fondation Giacometti, Paris


176 p.
24,5 x 17,5 cm


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