Beauty Shots by John Cornu

Fondation Giacometti -  Beauty Shots by John Cornu

View of the action in the context of Partitions hors-les-murs, 2016 © John Cornu
Photo: Timothy Lens Attack
Courtesy the artist

The Institut Giacometti is once again taking part in the European Night of the Museums with a night-time opening from 6pm to 11pm.
On this occasion, the exhibition will be activated by two performances: "Figures" by Carole Douillard and "Beauty Shots" by John Cornu.

With the participation of John Cornu and Emmannuelle Mevel.

With "Beauty Shots", John Cornu proposes a subliminal yet definitive gesture of "in situ" tattoos performed by a professional tattoo artist. As in most of his works, the motif is deduced from the context, namely the "body cartography" of the models, from which the artist redistributes the beauty spots in perfect symmetry. The mimesis between the natural grains and their "reproduction" then becomes so confusing that it is impossible to distinguish between what is natural and what is artistic intervention.

A French artist, John Cornu presents an attitude inherited from minimalism and modernism (seriality, modularity, primacy of materials) while often summoning a strong relationship to context (historical, architectural, societal) and a form of assumed contemporary romanticism (Dionysian attitude, wear and tear, blindness, references to various sound productions, entropy, etc.). Interested in themes such as modern ruins, the logic of power or certain anthropological deviations, the artist creates an atmosphere that is at once poetic, cathartic and uncompromising in his productions. Whether sculptural, performative or installation, they confront a set of paradoxical forces, and induce a multiplicity of meanings, the idea of a plurivocity.

14 May from 6pm to 11pm

Free entrance without reservation, subject to availability. Last admission at 10:20pm

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