Performance « I have done my best for you »

Fondation Giacometti -  Performance « I have done my best for you »

Claude Cahun, Sheila Legge as 'Surrealist Phantom’, Trafalgar Square, 1936. Courtesy Jersey Heritage.

"I have done my best for you"
(Phantom of Sheila Legge)

By Karelle Prugnaud, Hélène Breschand and Tarik Noui

Tuesday April 4 at 7.30 pm
At the Institut Giacometti

Full price: €15
Reduced price: €9,50 or €6,50 (more details in ticketing)

Famous for her 1936 performance in a costume inspired by a Salvador Dalí painting, Sheila Legge was an important but little-known figure of surrealism. The Giacometti Institute continues its tribute to this mysterious artist with a new musical performance.

This performance will summon the ghost of Sheila Legge in the form of a collective ritual based on "I have done my best for you", a poem written after this mythical apparition.

During this performance, each spectator will have to wear a mask with the effigy of Sheila Legge which will be provided, and will thus be an integral part of the process of creation in situ.


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