19 Jan 2021

Modigliani and Giacometti in cosmopolitan Paris

by Thierry Dufrêne
The École des modernités At the Institut Giacometti

Modigliani et le Paris Cosmopolite

What is yet to learn about Amedeo Modigliani? Through the prism of this painter long confined to the figure of the "cursed artist", this lecture invites you to delve deep into the artistic world of bohemian Paris and to consider his work under a new light. The painter captures a shifting society: Women's new found identity (the "Garçonne"), to the upholding of youth and cosmopolitism. The making of his style owes a lot to the parisian setting without ever being restricted by it: From cubism, under the wing of salesman Paul Guillaume up to a "cubo-metaphysical". 

Lecture in French on Zoom, Tuesday 19th January

Thierry Dufrêne

Thierry Dufrêne is an art historian and exhibition curator, lecturer at Paris NAnterre University. HE is also specialist on the work of Alberto Giacomettiest, and on 20th century sculpture. Amongst the exhibitions under his curatorship, we owe him "Une image peut en cacher une autre" (Paris, Grand Palais, 2009) and the "Salvador Retrospective" (Paris Centre Pompidou, 2012). He has published on Alberto Giacometti: Giacometti. Les dimensions de la réalité (Skira, 1994), Giacometti/Genet : masques et portrait moderne (Paris, Vilo, 2006), et Le journal de Giacometti, Paris, Hazan, 2007, sur Dali : Dali. Double image, double vie (Paris, Hazan, 2012), and has recently led a project on Amedeo Modigliani : Modigliani (Paris, Citadelles et Mazenod, 2020). 

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Thierry DUFRÊNE - Modigliani et Giacometti dans le Paris cosmopolite

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