From 20 Oct 2021 To 09 Jan 2022

ALBERTO GIACOMETTI / BARBARA CHASE-RIBOUD - Femmes Debout de Venise / Standing Women of Venice - Femme Noire Debout de Venise / Standing Black Woman of Venice

at the Institut Giacometti
Paris, France
At the Institute

Sculptor, poet and novelist Barbara Chase-Riboud (born 1939 in Philadelphia) met Giacometti in the early 1960s when she moved to Paris. Created in close collaboration with the artist, this exhibition places Giacometti's famous female figures under the gaze of a sculptor who for decades has traced an original sculptural path between the American and French scenes. This is the first exhibition devoted to the artist in Paris since 1974.

Curated by: Émilie Bouvard

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Aberto Giacometti / Barbara Chase-Riboud

15 Nov 2021

Concert "I was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I saw the sky"

After an earthquake in Los Angeles in January 1994, composer John Adams and his librettist June Jordan, an African-American bisexual writer and activist, used the testimony of seven victims to paint a picture of American society. 
“I was looking at the ceiling and then I saw the sky” is an opera with a mixed musical style reflecting musical worlds that are often considered incompatible: classical, songs and musical theatre.
Singers Natalie Oswald and Lionel Couchard, accompanied by Caterina Roberti on the piano, perform excerpts from this opera in the setting of Barbara Chase-Riboud's exhibition.

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09 Dec 2021

Myth of a Colorblind France. La France rêvée des noirs américains. Documentary by Alan Govenar

Preview in France

For more than a century, African American artists, authors, musicians, and others have traveled to Paris to liberate themselves from the racism of the United States. What made these African Americans choose France? Why were the French fascinated by African Americans? And to what extent was and is France truly colorblind?
Alan Govenar’s new film investigates these questions and examines the ways that racism has plagued not only African Americans fleeing the United States, but Africans and people of color in France today.

The film explores the lives and careers of renowned African Americans who emigrated to Paris, including Josephine Baker, James Baldwin, Richard Wright, Beauford Delaney, Augusta Savage, Barbara Chase-Riboud, and Lois Mailou Jones, and includes rare home movie footage of Henry Ossawa Tanner in Paris.

A longer version (90') will be available for free on our website from 10.12.2021 to 9.01.2022.

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