Ilia Zdanevich (Iliazd), Affiche pour la conférence, L'éloge de Ilia Zdanevitch, 1922

26 Oct 2021

The extraordinary adventures of Russian artists in the Land of Dada

Iliazd, Sergei Sharshun, Ivan Puni and Paris.
Margarita Tupitsyn
Paris, France
The École des modernités At the Institut Giacometti

According to the critic Roman Jakobson, the Russians travelled toward the October Revolution ‘through a realization of the violence of artistic form’ that in the West had culminated in Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain, executed in the same year. This talk explores this and other acknowledgements of “dada tactics” in the Russian avant-garde with a goal to build a long, protracted bridge between the Dadaists and those Russians, including Ilia Zdanevich (Iliazd) , Ivan Puni, and Sergei Sharshun, who visited or lived in modern cultural capitals in the early 1920s and participated in key Dadaist events.

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Margarita Tupitsyn is an independent scholar, art critic and curator. As a renowned specialist of the
Russian avant-garde, she is the author of many books, catalogues and articles on that subject. Her publications include Rodchenko and Popova: Defining Constructivism, Moscow Vanguard Art, 1922–92 (Tate Modern / Reina Sofia, 2009-10), and Russian Dada, 1914–1924 (MIT Press, 2018).

26 October 2021 at 6:30pm

Online or on site at the Giacometti Lab, 9 rue Victor Schœlcher 75014 Paris


Margarita TUPITSYN - Les aventures extraordinaires des artistes russes dans le territoire de Dada

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