13 Dec 2023

Mina Loy, who did just about everything!

Mary-Ann Caws
The École des modernités

Mary-Ann Caws is Distinguished Professor Emerita of the French, English, and Comparative Literature Ph.D. programs at the Graduate School of CUNY. Her work focuses on the relationship between literature and the visual arts in the modern period, around artists such as Breton, Woolf, Desnos, Loy, and Cornell. She was the editor of the Yale Anthology of Twentieth-Century French Poetry, and chief editor of the HarperCollins World Reader. Her publications include Creative Gatherings: Meeting Places of Modernism (2019), Alice Paalen Rahon: Shapeshifter (2021), Mina Loy: Apology of Genius (2022). 

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The life of British artist Mina Loy has all the makings of a novel: she lived through two wars, on three continents and was in turn a painter, poet, actress, fashion designer...
She was a tireless performer, working in London, Paris, Florence, New York, Mexico City and Aspen. A painter and poet, her various art forms, from the decorative to the pictorial and abstract, spread to places and genres both expected and unlikely, contributing to Futurism, Dadaism and Surrealism, and more broadly, to Modernism. Although Mina Loy is best known for her poetry, she was also a renowned visual artist, painter, actress, fashion designer and inventor.

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Wednesday 13 December, 6.30 PM
Live on Youtube only
Lecture in English by Mary-Ann Caws
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Mina Loy who did just about everything! by Mary Ann Caws

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