15 Mar 2024

Musical performance: the Book of Mud

Paris, France
At the Institut Giacometti

"If mud possessed its own memory, what would it deem worthy of remembering?"


Artist Ali Cherri, who is currently exhibiting at the Institut Giacometti, imagines a performance entitled "The Book of Mud" as a dive into the past and the way it manifests itself, like mud: eroding, taking shape, reforming, evolving through upheaval and destruction.

In this performance, Ali Cherri invites two storytellers, one in Arabic, the other in French, and a musician to share the stories of the earth.

Image: screenshot of the film "The Dam" (2022), by Ali Cherri 

Institut Giacometti 
€15 (Full rate) €9,50 and €6,50 (Reduced price)
Friday 15 March at 6.30PM and 8PM
Two shows of 30 minutes

Charbel Haber : electric guitar
Leslie Carmine : reading in French
Souhaib Ayoub : reading in Arabic


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