From 05 Apr To 23 Jun 2024


Paris, France
At the Institut Giacometti

In 2013, MoMA invited Hiroshi Sugimoto to photograph the masterpieces in its sculpture garden, a commission that gave rise to the series Past Presence. Sugimoto photographed Giacometti's Tall Woman in broad daylight and then at dusk.

The duality of these images evoked a connection he saw between the sculpture and the supernatural aspects of traditional Japanese No scene, where the living and the dead meet.

Organised around the reconstruction of a scene from a Noh play, the exhibition reveals the proximity that exists between the two artists in whose research apparitions dialogue with reality.

This exhibition, which makes reference to theatre, will be enlivened by a selection of some of Alberto Giacometti's most emblematic sculptures, photographs and films by Hiroshi Sugimoto, and ancient Noh masks from the artist's collection.

Curator: Françoise Cohen 

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Past Presence 002, Tall Figure III, Alberto Giacometti, 2013, Fondation Giacometti © Hiroshi Sugimoto, 2024 © Succession Alberto Giacometti / Adagp, Paris 2024
Alberto Giacometti, Homme qui marche I, 1960, Fondation Giacometti © Succession Alberto Giacometti / Adagp, Paris 2024

Fondation Giacometti -  Partenariat Gobelins Paris x Fondation Giacometti
From 23 Jan To 24 Mar 2024

Partenariat Gobelins Paris x Fondation Giacometti

Dans le cadre des programmes pédagogiques de l’Institut Giacometti, les élèves de deuxième année du Bachelor Graphiste Motion Designer de Gobelins Paris ont été invités à réaliser des films d’animation à partir des thématiques et des œuvres présentées dans l’exposition "Alberto Giacometti / Ali Cherri : ENVISAGEMENT".

Ceux-ci ont été diffusés lors d’une restitution publique à l'Institut Giacometti le samedi 9 mars 2024. Retrouvez les 12 courts métrages sur notre chaîne YouTube !

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