Fondation Giacometti -  Alberto Giacometti. A tree as a woman, a stone as a head

Alberto Giacometti. A tree as a woman, a stone as a head

Niklaus Manuel Güdel, Anne Lemonnier, Romain Perrin

Éditions Fage, Lyon, Fondation Giacometti, Paris 2022
160 pages
Language: French/English
Format: 23,6 x 17,1 x 1,8 cm
Price: 24 €
ISBN: 978 2 84975 713 0

Though Alberto Giacometti is well-known for his work on the human figure, the landscape holds an important place in his oeuvre. It appears notably during his youth, spent in the steep-sided valley of the Grisons, and in the 1950s, when he often returned each year on holiday. Giacometti's landscapes are mainly composed of the mountains, forests and lakes of his native region, that he often travelled across, and where he found the suitable conditions to revitalise his art.
The landscape constitutes more than just a theme, it is truly a space to reflect on his relationship to representation that influenced his work on the human figure. With a selection of paintings, early watercolours not previously exhibited, drawings, and symbolic sculptures, this book invites the visitor to read Giacometti's work in the light of a sensitivity that makes him see a tree as a woman, and a stone as a head.

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