Figures by Carole Douillard

Fondation Giacometti -  Figures by Carole Douillard

© Carole Douillard

The Institut Giacometti is once again taking part in the European Night of the Museums with a night-time opening from 6pm to 11pm.
On this occasion, the exhibition will be activated by two performances: "Figures" by Carole Douillard and "Beauty Shots" by John Cornu.

With the participation of Fabien de Chavanes, Hélène Laporte-Bisquit and Laleshka Salas Salazar.

Carole Douillard presents "Figures", a new performance specifically imagined for the exhibition by Douglas Gordon at the Institut Giacometti. In resonance with the notion of verticality explored by Alberto Giacometti in his sculptures and horizontality proposed by Douglas Gordon for the exhibition "The morning after", the artist focuses on the passage from one position to the other. From 7 to 10pm, several lying figures, referring to the history of sculpture, will be activated by three performers.

Born in 1971 in Nantes to an Algerian mother and a French father. A visual artist and performer, Carole Douillard uses her presence or that of performers as sculpture for minimal interventions in space. Standing on the edge of the spectacular while taking care to avoid it, her work calls for a redefinition of the spectator, of the performance space and of the power relationship between the object contemplated and the one who contemplates it. His performative research is often complemented by documents or photographs. His recent projects have taken place in Los Angeles, at the LACE art centre, at the Oslo Biennial in Norway, in Brussels (A performance Affair, 2018), at the Lyon Biennial (Mondes Flottants, 2017), at the Michel Rein gallery, at the Ricard Foundation, at the Palais de Tokyo, at the Mac Val, at the Ferme du Buisson, at the Musée de la Danse (Rennes), at the Centre Pompidou, at the Wiels (Brussels), at the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (Madrid)...

14 May from 7pm to 10pm

Free entrance without reservation, subject to availability. Last admission at 10:20pm.

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