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Giacometti's studio for children and family © Giacometti Foundation, Paris

The mediation team reinvents itself and offers new content to discover and learn a little more every day. The Giacometti Institute's educational workshops become challenges launched on social media.

Feel free to post your best creations on your social networks and share with us on Instagram by mentioning @fondation_giacometti. Take care of yourself, find #GiacomettiChezVous!


Challenge #1
"A Giacometti in my room."
Follow the tutorial to create with your children sculptures freely inspired by Giacometti's works, using linen, clothes and everyday objects.

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Challenge #2
"Your dream artist's studio"
Follow the tutorial and imagine your ideal workshop based on Alberto Giacometti's workshop.
A workshop of 24m2 which did not limit his creation.

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 Challenge #3
"Your creations in matchboxes."
Legend has it that on his return to Paris after the war, Alberto Giacometti transported his miniature works in matchboxes. Will you be able to create works that could also fit in small boxes? Follow the tutorial and let your imagination run wild!

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Challenge #4
"Draw! »
Draw your surroundings or your everyday objects by choosing from the proposed subjects. Alberto Giacometti encourages and guides you through some of his quotes on drawing. Follow the tutorial and with your pencils!

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 Challenge #5
"Make a talking giraffe!"
A wooden giraffe, created by Giacometti and Buñuel, mysteriously disappeared in 1932... and was never found. Follow the video tutorial to make the surrealist giraffe reappear on cardboard and imagine new poetic texts to hide behind its spots.

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Challenge #6
"The Small Man" in Paper Toy
Made by Alberto Giacometti around 1926, Small Man is a plaster sculpture that has now disappeared. Bring it back to life through the magic of folding! By building this paper toy, you will develop your understanding of volumes and your dexterity, in the manner of sculptors.
Take it on a journey on Instagram!

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Challenge #7
"Art Deco tutorials with the family
Make a golden brooch in the shape of a bird, for yourself or as a gift! Discover the decorative objects created by Giacometti and follow step by step the advice of Laura Partin, mediator of the Giacometti Institute to learn how to create your own jewel, inspired by the artist's models.

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To search for a work, consult the Alberto Giacometti Database