03 Dec 2020

Alberto Giacometti and René Crevel

Alexandre Mare
Paris, France

During lockdown, the Fondation Giacometti research team proposes a series of live conferences.

Alberto Giacometti, Squelette dans une cage, projet pour le frontispice de René Crevel, Les Pieds dans le plat, Paris, 1932-1933, crayon, 13,70 x 8,50 cm, coll.Fondation Giacometti Paris.tif

If connoisseurs of the work  of Giacometti  know the frontispiece he created for his friend René Crevel's novel "Les Pieds dans le Plat", IT represents only the visible aspect of their relationship. While their letters seem to have disappeared, Crevel mentions at numerous occasions his friend "Pac", in letters sent to friends they have in common such as Jean-Michel Frank or sponsors Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles. 

This lecture by Alexandre Mare, exhibition curator at the villa Noailles at Hyères and art historian, will allow us to better corner this particularly fruitful relationship. 

Lecture in French recorded on Zoom. 


Alexandre MARE - Alberto Giacometti et René Crevel

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