Jan 2021

Alberto Giacometti, absolute humanity

Crossed gazes on a few existentialist notions.
by Emilie Bouvard and Thomas Franck

Alberto Giacometti, Jean-Paul Sartre and « the Absolute Humanity » at Liège's Cité Miroir.

This monograph offers a reading of the post-war work of the artist through the historical context and existential vision of JEan-Paul Sartre whom Alberto Giacometti met in 1940.

To discover this exhibition and tackle this fascinating dialog between philosophy, the artist and its works, the Fondation Giacometti invites you to a crossed conferencebetween Emilie Bouvard, exhibition curator and scientific director of collections of the Fondation Giacometti, and Thomas Franck, researcher at the Cité Miroir and scientific collaborator at Liège University.

Lecture recorded on Zoom, Thursday January 14th, 2021.

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Catalogue of the exhibition : Alberto Giacometti, l'Humanité absolue
Le philosophe dans l’atelier. Sartre et Giacometti en miroir by Thomas Franck.


Emilie BOUVARD et Thomas FRANCK - Alberto Giacometti, l'humanité absolue. Regards croisés sur quelques notions existentialistes

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