20 Apr 2020

A New Beginning and the Modern Art of Pakistan

Lahore Art Circle to Pakistan Group London
by Samina Iqbal
Lahore, Pakistan
The School of Modernities

The presentation will focus on exploring the conditions giving rise to the Modern Art of Pakistan in the first decade of its’ establishment through a small artist’s collective called Lahore Art Circle. Active between 1952 and 1958, the Lahore Art Circle was created by the artist Shakir Ali, who had studied under André Lhote in his studio in Paris in 1949. This lecture will present the rise of Modern Abstract art in Pakistan under Shakir Ali’s tutelage and some of his years in Paris.


Photo © Samina Iqbal

Samina Iqbal is a practicing artist, art historian, and an academic. She is an Assistant Professor at the Lahore School of Economics, Pakistan. Her research focuses on the study of modern art in Pakistan in the first decade of its establishment. She is currently working on extending her research by undertaking a comparative study of what modern art entailed for other neighboring countries of Pakistan, including the MENASA region—a parallel dialogue to the western canon. Samina Iqbal co-curated a groundbreaking show on Lahore Art Circle in 2017. She is currently working on the manuscript of her forthcoming book called Modern Art of Pakistan and Lahore Art Circle.

Lecture in English

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